Reading of books Goes Online


What’s up with the new generation who are keen on reading? Gone are the days when one had to bring a novel or a hardbound book simply because now reading of books goes online. Some schools have incorporated online reading to their students that they are no longer forced to bring a bulky backpack containing a dozen of school books. E-book reading is for anyone who loves books.

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Tips in Choosing Which Book to Buy


The internet and creation of various software and applications allows us to grab a book online which is usually much cheaper than the paper issue. How can you get the best out of the money you spent on online books? Of course, it starts with choosing the perfect ones that will suit your taste.

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Selling Books in Social Media


Authors strive to get the highest sales they can from the books they write. Social media opens doors to all possible promotions imaginable. Big brands and starters venture into it because they know how great it is as a promotional channel.

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Being Wise in Choosing Among the Stockpile


Stuck in a pile of unending list of books to read? Every book claims to be a best-seller or topnotch but how can we tell if they are really what they claim they are. The web is rich in information that we may get overwhelmed and confused at times.

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Boost Those Book Sales in Social Media


Books can grow with technology. Although books are traditionally made of paper, they still remain to be everyone’s need or hobby. With tablets, android phones and internet, virtual books can be downloaded. The availability of thousands of eBooks makes it difficult to sell a particular kind of book.

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Seeking Thrill in Comfort


Technology has paved the way to more affordable books that can be downloaded. Well, you can still get those real paper ones. Some are into romance, comedy or suspense. Well, if you want to get those heart-leaping moments, find the best books on Book Reaper. Find ways to enhance the thrill by reading the tips below.

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